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About NOBI

NOBI is Indonesia’s leading cryptocurrency investment platform.

We started in 2018 with a simple idea that everyone should have easy access to own & grow their crypto.

Today, we offer an easy to use app with multiple product offerings for our users worldwide.

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way

Our mission is making it easy for
people to own crypto & earn yields

We envision a world where everyone can invest with crypto. We believe that by giving
people access to better crypto investment, we can improve economic equality.

Our Values

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way

We earn trust by having integrity, that means doing the right thing, even when it is hard & no one is watching.

We communicate directly & extensively.

We are actively listening & pro-actively speaking up.

We share knowledge.
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Grow Together

Today is the best day to start growing.

We value teamwork and help each other grow like a family.

We find solutions instead of blaming.

We have fun & enjoy our work.
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Realistic Innovator

We are not only builders but also dreamers.

We work smart, not just hard.

We build things because people need them.

We accept that as innovators we may be misunderstood for a long time.

Done is better than perfect.
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Curious Learner

We see every situation as an opportunity to learn.

We are more interested in improving than always being right.

We love giving & receiving feedback.

We are students & teachers for life.

Our Executive Team

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Lawrence Samantha
Chief Executive Officer
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Dion Evan
Chief Product Officer
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Edy Senjaya
Chief Technology Officer

Our Journey


Our founders spend the entire
summer drawing our plan


We run the first commercial crypto mining
operation in Indonesia.


We launched Honest Mining,
the first crypto staking service in Southeast Asia
along with our utility token: $HNST


$HNST is migrated to Binance Chain
& we’re officially part of Binance Chain Alliance.


Honest Mining is now NOBI, a super app
where you can easily own & grow crypto.

Trusted by Many

Clients From
40+ Countries
Managed Assets
$50+ Million

Our Partner

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way

Ready to Earn Crypto Even When You Sleep?

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NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way