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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Staking On NOBI Staking

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4 advantages of NOBI Staking: An Easy Way To Stake Coins And Earn Rewards

As you may know, we just went through a big and successful migration not so long ago. And now we are more than happy to welcome a new service in the app; NOBI Staking! Since staking coins is simply the act of locking your coins and earn rewards, NOBI Staking adds more simplicity to it for users to stake their coins. So without further ado, let’s take a brief in-depth look at the 4 advantages of this new service in the app, so you can start staking the easiest way possible and earn rewards!

1. Auto-Compounding

If you used to stake in Honest Mining, your reward from staking would be sent directly to your wallet. But one of the advantages of NOBI Staking is that your rewards are auto compounded! Auto-compounding simply means; rather than having to manually re-stake your coins in order to earn rewards, your rewards are automatically included in your staking. This is a big improvement since you are killing 2 birds with one stone. Because the amount you stake can continue to grow, and the reward you earn will also grow. Info about your rewards can be seen in the Profit/Loss section.

2. No Locking Period

Up next is the flexibility of NOBI Staking. Now users can simply join or withdraw in staking with no locking period. In contrast with Honest Mining, where you can only exit at the end of a finished staking cycle, now you can join/withdraw at any time!

3. No Multiple Charged Fees

NOBI Staking only charges 1 fee, and that is a performance fee. The performance fee will be charged every 28th of the month or when you decide to exit from staking. For more info about NOBI fees read (here). *NOBI tip: Use our utility token: HNST to get a discount on your performance fee.

4. Instant Join-Instant Staking!

NOBI Staking offers a faster way to start staking. Users can now instantly join staking according to the minimum join without having to choose a masternode first or contributing a number of seats before starting.

Get unprecedented access from staking with the new service in the NOBI app: NOBI Staking!

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