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Facts about DASH, the Pioneer of Masternodes

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DASH or Digital Cash is a cryptocurrency founded on Jan 18th, 2014 by Evan Duffield. It is digital cash on DASH blockchain that facilitates InstantSend and also PrivateSend transactions with less than one cent transaction fee. It is also the initiator of the masternodes system. This article will give insight into some interesting facts about DASH. 

Pioneer of Masternodes

DASH is the first cryptocurrency that introduces the masternodes system on the blockchain. Masternodes enables many new features that are not available in conventional blockchain technology. DASH masternodes keep the copy of blockchain data and serve advance services such as InstantSend, PrivateSend, and usernames on the blockchain.

DASH is governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is basically the masternodes. The masternodes are decentralized globally and the decision in DASH is fully made by masternodes owners. Masternodes owners will cast votes of yes, no, or abstain to a proposal for DASH project development and the DASH development team will move accordingly to the voting result. DASH rewards masternodes owners 45% of the block reward, and the remaining rewards go to miners (45%) and development fund (10%).

Fascinating Adoption

DASH is one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest rate of adoption globally. It is becoming one of the major cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. Venezuela people have lost confidence in Venezuela’s national currency Bolivar due to massive inflation that decreases purchasing power tremendously. The failure of the monetary system became an opportunity for DASH to be a currency that provides more stable value. Over 500 merchants in that country signed up for DASH acceptance, and it includes big names such as Subway, Calvin Klein, Church Chicken and many more to come. 

Besides adoption, DASH is also available in hundreds of ATMs all around the world. DASH has recently partnered with IQ CashNow, a crypto ATM service provider based in Austria. This partnership opens up an additional of over 1,000 merchants that accept DASH all over Austria, Greece, Italy, Equador, US, Turkey, and Spain. Besides that, DASH also becomes available in an additional 250 ATMs. You may check DASH ATMs location around the globe here

Coinbase Pro Has Listed DASH

The gold standard of cryptocurrency exchange still goes back to Coinbase. This particular cryptocurrency exchange is long known to be very selective and has a high standard in their listing. They have only a small number of cryptocurrency, which all have high ranks on CoinMarketCap, includes BTC, ETH, XLM, LINK, LTC, ZRX, etc, and recently listed DASH. 

Honest Mining Supports DASH

DASH is one of the earliest listed coins on the Honest Mining platform. DASH masternodes require 1,000 DASH collateral to run and it is quite a big amount of money. However, let your worry stops there! Honest Mining provides shared masternode service for users who would like to join DASH masternodes with only 1 DASH/seat. Stake DASH today and earn around 6% annual yield only on Honest Mining!


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