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Honest Mining is coming back with a new coin on hand to list!

Introducing Ferrum Network (FRM), with its high-speed interoperable networks that facilitate real-world financial applications and peer to peer transactions. Ferrum network utilizes Directed-acyclic graph (DAG) technology to support the high speed and low-cost transactions.

Ferrum Network (FRM) built its own flexible staking mechanism for ERC-20 tokens to reward the community. As such, it is possible for users to enjoy inexpensive and fast transactions on the network. This is because the network’s design allows users to deposit assets into the network and create a proxy token. Users can then trade this proxy token using the supported dApps to complete the daily payment solution. Staking Terms for Ferrum Network (FRM) Staking has some distinctive features such as early withdrawal, forfeited/redistributed rewards, and additional rewards for full maturity.

Staking in FRM is similar to a savings account as it offers constant time-based returns based on staking time. The longer you stake, the higher the rewards. FRM staking is pool based, which implies that there will be several contributors for each staking contract. It is also flexible which means users have the option to withdraw early, stake until full maturity, or withdraw somewhere in between. One of the key differences that set FRM apart from other listing is their reward structure.

FRM x HM Staking Pool

FRM staking mechanisms in collaboration with Honest Mining named HM Staking Pool which has 2,000,000 FRM of total pool size.

In general the basic of FRM x HM Staking Pools are as follows:

  • It is pool based:
    • FRM Staking pools are like a pie with a duration of 365 days. However, the user will have an option to exit in 180 days with an early withdrawal rate of 10% or choose to reap a 35% maximum reward if they choose to join and stay for 365 days.
  • It rewards long-term stakers:
    • Although there is an early withdrawal option, staking until full maturity offers participants the maximum reward. In addition, rewards increase daily starting from the early-withdrawal date — so the longer you stake the more you earn.
  • It is inclusive:
    • Our staking has a low minimum amount – 2,500 FRM/seat, to ensure that everyone can participate. There is also no additional fee for joining or exiting the pool.
  • It is limited in time:
    • Pools will be open for seven (7) days only or if the pool fulfilled. There will be enough time in advance for participants to plan and prepare. In addition, a countdown timer will be presented.
  • Service fee:
    • Please also note that there is a 10% service fee that will be deducted from the total reward obtained. Enjoy up to 40% discount by using HNST for paying the fee for the 1st year of joining staking in Honest Mining. By joining this pool you agree to our Terms of Service.
DescriptionDetail Information
Collateral2,000,000 FRM
Size per Seat2,500 FRM
Service Fee10% from total reward
Full Maturity 365 days
Annual yield35 % (365 days)
Early withdrawal180 days
Early withdrawal reward10% (180 days)
Minimum withdrawal40 FRM
Withdrawal fee20 FRM
Coin Rating*CCC

* based on Honest Mining Coin Rating

So what are you waiting for?

Buy FRM at BinanceDEX, IDEX, or Bitmax and join FRM x HM Staking Pool at Honest Mining!
Also, join AMA Sessions with Co-Founder and COO of Ferrum Network.