Honest Mining April 2020 Highlight
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Honest Mining April 2020 Highlight

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A new month is here! it’s such a thrilling adventure with all of our community members and shareholder, and entering this new month, we would like to keep all Stakers updated about all of Honest Mining Activity during the past month, so here we sum up all our activity on Honest Mining April 2020 Highlight!

Rupiah Token Listed on Honest Mining!

Honest Mining Listing IDRT

Rupiah Token (IDRT), The Most Adopted Indonesian Rupiah Stablecoin is now listed on Honest Mining. Through our partnership with Rupiah Token, Stakers can join the exclusive IDRT Staking Pool which is a seasonal project on our platform. This also will enhance IDRT community experience through staking. Furthermore, this staking pool only runs for a limited time with great rewards comes for people who join the pool.

Honest Mining Join Binance Alliance in fighting COVID-19

Honest Mining Join Binance Alliance on Fighting Covid 19

In the midst of the current global COVID-19 pandemic situation, Honest Mining and all companies in the Binance Chain Alliance together against COVID-19. All donations will be distributed to the most affected areas.

Honest Mining 1st Anniversary Giveaway Winners Announcement

Honest Mining First Anniversary Giveaway is Over Announcement

Thanks for all Stakers that has joined Honest Mining 1st Anniversary Giveaway, and congratulations for all the lucky winners. All the prizes are already distributed to all the winners. Thank you for making our 1st Anniversary memorable, we will continue to develop Honest Mining to be a platform for everyone to grow their crypto.

Honest Mining is Now on Staking Rewards

Honest Mining is now on Staking Rewards

You can now find Honest Mining on Staking Rewards – a research platform for passive crypto income. There, you can access all information and intuitive data of all coins and projects that you can join to grow your crypto. All information is based on trusted and reliable sources. Check us now on Staking Rewards.

That concludes Honest Mining April 2020 Highlight. One thing we would like to say that please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay at home except you need to buy some basic necessities. We realized that this is a hard time for everyone, but soon we would adapt to this and be better at handling this situation.

We’ll see you on our next highlight.

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