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Honest Mining wants to be everyone’s crypto staking partner. Apart from providing the best staking services to our customer, we also have the responsibility to provide as much information as possible to our customer. Since the very beginning, we believe that staking should be easy for everyone, but information can be overwhelming, especially when there are thousands of coins and countless indicators. 

Introducing Honest Mining Coin Rating, our attempt to simplify your staking experience. 

How does Honest Mining select coins to be listed on the platform?

Whenever we list a coin, our team do due diligence by following a standard checklist. This is done to make sure that the coins listed on Honest Mining will be around for a long time. By doing this we hope that it will benefit our customers.

There are two indicators that we check: Fundamental Indicators and Coin Quality Indicators.

Fundamental Indicators

Fundamental indicators are very important for Honest Mining. By looking at these indicators, we can see how far along is the development of the project, what kind of problem it is trying to solve, the strength of the team, and many other things. 

We encourage our customer to check these fundamental indicators before staking any coin. Only after doing that, one can be assured that this is a project that one wants to support long term.


Coin Quality Indicators

Coin Quality Indicator is based on the coins historical performance. We categorized this into two categories: Track Record and Liquidity.

For Track Record, we look at the Coin Market Cap (CMC) rank and the coin history.
For Liquidity, we look at the average daily trading volume and the numbers of supporting exchanges.

Staking Grade

From Fundamental Indicators and Coin Quality Indicators, we then derive Staking Grade for each coin listed on Honest Mining platform. 

We classify the Staking Grade as Investment Grade, Speculative Grade, and High-Risk Grade. 

Honest Mining is a crypto staking service provider. Honest Mining does not make coin recommendation, so please do your own research at your own risk. ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Honest Mining Coin Rating is there only to help you understand the coin better.