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Honest Mining is Now Officially Becomes NOBI!

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Starting this month, Honest Mining has completed a rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and renewal to its vision in becoming an end to end crypto financial service known as NOBI.

Over the years, Honest Mining has cemented its status as one the mainstay of crypto exchanges. It has experienced rapid growth, tallying more than 18,000 registered users in several countries, won The Best Crypto Mining Startup award from DuniaFintech.com, and listed Honest (HNST) Token, the utility token of Honest Mining on multiple respectable cryptocurrency exchanges such as Tokenomy, Binance Dex, and Indodax.

This growth reflects the remarkable rise in the complexity and popularity of crypto trading in recent years, with a need to execute customer-centric focus across our services. Thus, we decided that we have to evolve. NOBI will be our new home, a powerful new identity that is closer to our vision to become end-to-end crypto financial services.

This change will start with our social media and community presence. NOBI will also enable us to offer a wide array of crypto financial services, such as NOBI Robo Trading, NOBI Savings, and NOBI Staking.

NOBI Robo trading is a Market Place for Robo Trading Strategy that will make it easier for users who do not have trading skills to enjoy trading benefits by simply following the strategies prepared by NOBI’s partnered professional trader. Whereas Staking allows users to develop their crypto by staking coins into a validator, this in turn will give users the possibility of developing crypto without any risk other than the risk of dropping the price of the coin against fiat.

NOBI will continue to evolve. Expect more improvements made and services, such as saving that use DeFi, to be added to our platform. Thru NOBI Saving, we will enable users to download and get interest from their lending crypto and develop their crypto with minimum interest and risk. Now you’re prepared for your crypto journey.

Don’t get left behind. Join others who successfully grow their crypto with NOBI!