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Honest Mining Highlight July 2020

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July has been a thrilling yet exciting month for us. After months of doing internal tests and almost a month doing Alpha Test with more than 50 Honest Mining users have tested and try NOBI Apps.

We are excited to announce that the private Alpha Test has done, we got more than enough input to develop NOBI furthermore. Thanks to all the users who participate in NOBI Alpha testing. Now is the time for us to invite everyone to join NOBI, the future home for Honest Mining.

But before going there, we would like to invite you and all our community members to look back for what we’ve been doing during this month on Honest Mining July 2020 Highlight.

Coming Soon on Your Smartphone, NOBI

Coming soon NOBI

In this early version of NOBI, we provide an Algorithm Trading Service where you and all users can follow the trading strategy in NOBI to grow their crypto easily. No more mental pressure, time, and energy is taken caused by the lack of trading experience.  Just by following any of our strategy that suits your need and watches your crypto grow.

We can’t wait to get as many responses as possible to help us grow further and improve NOBI. Including your input.

Besides that, in order to complete the experience in trying NOBI, we have made several articles that are useful for you, so you can get enjoyable experiences of surfing at NOBI. Here are some NOBI-related articles you can learn.

How to Understand Backtest Result

How To Understand Backtest Result

As NOBI users, we understand that there are some information and terms that may be unfamiliar and not yet understood, especially for users who have no prior experience in cryptocurrency derivative trading. Answering this, we have prepared articles related to backtesting, where quite a lot of new terms are listed in the backtest result.

Understanding these important terms will give you more confidence in choosing a strategy that suits your needs. For complete information, please read How to Understand Backtest Results?

NOBI Referrals Program

NOBI Cashback & Referral Program

In addition, we have compiled a referral program that is very interesting for NOBI users who are actively following the strategy in NOBI. Besides being able to grow crypto easily, users also have the opportunity to get additional bonuses in the form of BTC just by sharing and inviting others to actively participate in following the strategy in NOBI. Very interesting isn’t it!
Please Read the NOBI Referral Program and get a BTC bonus immediately in your wallet in the NOBI app.

Fees at NOBI

All NOBI Fees Explain

We have also prepared information regarding the fees applicable at NOBI completely with an illustration. We understand fees factor is one of the things that you and most users consider before choosing a strategy. Of course, we also believe that the fees charged are appropriate and are a small part compared to the growth of your crypto assets in the long run. Read more information in the Fee on NOBI.

That’s all of the activities we have done together with you and all the community members in July 2020. See you in our next month’s Highlight.

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