Honest Mining May Highlight 2020
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Honest Mining May 2020 Highlight

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Hello Staker!

May has passed, even though we are all directed to #stayathome, but this does not prevent us from continuing to deliver the best service for all stakers. To summarize all Honest Mining activities during May 2020, here it is the Honest Mining May 2020 Highlight:

Harmony One Open Staking in Honest Mining

New Harmony ONE open staking on Honest Mining

Open Staking Harmony $ONE is available at Honest Mining and all community members can join Honest Mining to grow their ONE coins with us. As one of the validators of Harmony ONE Open Staking, you can join directly through Harmony’s open staking web by delegating your coins or you can join through the Honest Mining platform. For complete information, please read our article Open Staking Harmony ONE on Honest Mining.

Harmony ONE ERC-20 and BEP-2 Swap on Honest Mining Closed

Honest Mining Support Harmony (ONE) Token Swap

With the launch of Harmony ONE Open Staking, we also want to inform you that the Harmony ONE token swap from ERC-20 and BEP-2 to Native ONE has been closed. This is done because most of our users’ ONE has been swapped by us to native ONE.

RPD Wallet Upgrade

RPD Core Wallet Upgrade

Following the announcement from our partner Rapids Network, Honest Mining has upgraded our Wallet RPD to provide maximum service for the RPD Stakers to keep getting more optimal staking results.

That’s all the activities we do that are summarized in the Honest Mining Highlight of May 2020. Thank you for choosing us as a partner to develop your digital assets.

See you at our next highlight.

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