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Honest Mining Sharing is Caring

Honest Mining in collaboration with Rumah Harapan Melanie would like to invite all Stakers, Communities, and Partners to reach out, share with the brothers around us. Helping those who are currently experiencing difficulties in fulfilling their basic needs and tools needed to maintain the health of their COVID-19.

As we know that currently, the number of positive patients with Covid-19 is increasing in Indonesia. The spread of the Covid-19 virus has an impact not only on the health sector but also on the economic sector, especially for low-income people or those who rely on daily wages (the informal sector). On the other hand they must also maintain their health in order to avoid Covid-19.

With the policy of working from home proclaimed by the government, their income will automatically be greatly affected. Instead of buying health supplies for the prevention of Covid-19, it was difficult for them to meet their basic needs.

You can help them!

For friends who want to share can participate by sending HNST to the wallet that we have provided as follows:

Wallet Address: bnb1mrrastsm7hjnpxc7eunj0ql09nv3qtr4mwrmqHonest Mining Donation for Covid-19

Memo: 24986

Or you can directly scan the barcode on the side

Please ensure that the Memo and Wallet Address entered are correct.

The target that we will gather is 100,000 HNST. Honest Mining will add the same amount of donations to the maximum of 50,000 HNST. For example, if the funds collected are 50,000 HNST then Honest Mining will add 50,000 HNST, so the total that we will donate is 100,000 HNST.

We will convert all of these donations into fiat currency, i.e. Rupiah (IDR) following the current prices. The donations will be used to buy food and basic health needs in anticipation of Covid-19 prevention. Honest Mining will collaborate with Rumah Harapan Melanie who will later help organize and distribute the assistance to our brothers and sisters who need it.

Rumah Melanie Harapan is a social movement founded by Melanie Subono where the organization focuses on education, community welfare, underdeveloped villages, and post-disaster areas. For more information about Rumah Harapan Melanie, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RHMELANIE/ or their Instagram at @RumahHarapanMelanie.

The Donation Period will open from when the article was released to Friday, 18 April 2020 04.00 PM (GMT + 7).

Let’s share, help, and strengthen each other in difficult situations like this. Any help from you will mean a lot to them.

Kind regards,

Honest Mining Team