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How to Deposit Coin?

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In order to join masternodes, you need to deposit coins to your wallet on Honest Mining platform.

Steps to Deposit Coins

  1. After you log in to your account, go to Wallet menu, the green arrow is a deposit icon. <See image 1>
  2. Choose what coin you want to deposit. In this example, we choose SmartCash (SMART), click the deposit icon. <See image 2>
  3. Click Show Address/Memo and after that Copy the SMART address and paste to your private SMART wallet. <See image 3>
  4. Great! Your SMART coin has been deposited to your wallet. After that, you can join SMART masternode.

Note: You can check your deposit status in TX History Menu.

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deposit coin HM
Image 1: Deposit Icon
deposit SMART
Image 2: Deposit SMART

Image 3: Copy the SMART Address