How To Join The Features In NOBI

A Quick Guide On How You Can #GrowWithNOBI


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Welcome to NOBI! After you’re finished signing up, let’s take a brief tour on how you can grow your crypto the easy and safe way with NOBI. Don’t worry, we can assure you that it won’t take long for you to get used to the app. NOBI is easy to use and provides bank-like services, so even beginners in the crypto world won’t face difficulties in operating the app for the first time. We just went through a big UI Overhaul in January to make the app look more fresh and even easier to use for everyone!

Nobi is proud to provide its 3 musketeers that can optimize your crypto-growth the easy and safe way according to your needs; Nobi Strategy, Savings, and Staking. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Check out these simple steps on how to join all our features in the NOBI app!

Step 1
Tap the Grow icon, to view all features in NOBI. Please see the picture below.

Step 2
There will be four (4) tabs available; Favourite*, Strategy, Staking, Savings. Each feature has several asset planning options that you can follow.

*Our new Favourite tab allows you to store your favorite strategies/funds in the app.

Step 3
Select an asset plan that you wish to join. We highly recommend that you read and learn every available information regarding the asset plan first before deciding to join/follow. Once you’re done, then tap Add Asset.

Step 4
Enter the number of assets you want to add in accordance with the minimum joining conditions.


Step 5
Once you’re done, slide the slider button to the right at the bottom of your screen to confirm. A confirmation page for adding assets will appear. And now you’re all set in your selected asset plan!

*Please note: The selection of crypto assets that you participate in Strategy and Savings will be processed within 24 hours after joining. You can check the status and latest updates of your transaction on the Activity page.

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