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How To Register At NOBI


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For Honest Mining Users:

Step 1
Open the Nobi app on your smartphone, then tap Login to enter.

Step 2
You can use your registered e-mail on Honest Mining.

Step 3
If you have activated the 2FA code, you can use the same 2FA code when logging in on the Honest Mining website.

For New NOBI Users/Not an Honest Mining User:

Step 1
Open the NOBI app on your smartphone then tap Register.

Step 2
Fill in your e-mail and password.

  • E-mail. Check your e-mail and wait for us to send you the confirmation code.
  • Password. To maintain high security to all our user’s accounts, NOBI requires you to create a password that must consist of a minimum of 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. (e.g  Myp4ssw@rd!)
  • Confirm password. Re-enter your password to confirm.
  • Referral code. Have one? Sweet! Enter your Referral code in the box. If you don’t, check on how to get an attractive amount of cashback in our NOBI Referral program.
  • Read  Nobi’s Terms & Privacy and tick the box once you’re done.

Step 3
Then tap the Register button to complete the registration process, then you will be taken to a confirmation page. Leave this page open, don’t close it.

Step 4
Check your email and you will find an e-mail from us with the subject: Welcome to NOBI!. Inside is your confirmation code

Step 5
Return to the confirmation page and enter the verification code.

Step 6
After your successful confirmation, you will be automatically taken to your NOBI account dashboard page.

And that’s it, welcome to NOBI! Enjoy the convenience of growing your crypto assets anytime, anywhere in our 3 features; NOBI Strategy, Savings and Staking all at your fingertips.

Create your free NOBI account now in minutes, and start #GrowWithNOBI