Set Up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Because an extra step of security never hurt anybody

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When it comes to security, we take it really seriously as it is one of our foundations in building this app for the community. As we give a safe platform to all our users, so they can feel the ultimate experience of growing crypto. And that means adding an extra layer of security to all our user’s accounts. Here’s how you set up your two-factor authentications (2FA) in NOBI:

Step 1
First, make sure you already download the Google Authenticator app to activate your 2FA. On the NOBI dashboard, tap the Settings icon, and then go to Account Settings

Step 2
Find the two-factor authentication then slide right to activate it.

Step 3
After activating, you will be asked to scan the QR code or copy the 16-digit secret key by just tapping on the code to your authenticator app. Either way is fine. But if you decided to copy the secret code, follow the next step.

Step 4
Once you’re in the Google Authenticator app, tap + to tap manual entry as shown below

Step 5
Next, the Google Authenticator app requires you to enter a username, which you can use any name as you desire. Then paste the secret code that you copied in NOBI. Then tap the check icon in the top right corner. The 2FA code for your NOBI account will automatically appear on your authenticator app.

Step 6
Final step, go back to the NOBI app and enter the number from your authenticator app. And that’s it! You have activated the 2FA for your account. Now, it’s solid sealed.

Useful tip:

The 2FA code is mandatory when withdrawing your assets from NOBI. And the 2FA code on your authenticator app also changes over a period of time, make sure you enter the correct code.

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