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How To Share Your Referral Code In NOBI

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Share your NOBI referral link and get an attractive amount bonus!

They say sharing is caring, but here in NOBI, we like to take it up a notch. Sharing means you can get an attractive amount of bonus just by sharing your NOBI referral link to your colleagues or friends by following these 2 quick steps below:

Step 1
Go to Settings, select and tap Referral. You will directly be taken to the Referral page.

Step 2
Once on the Referral page, you’ll see your NOBI referral code in the blue box. Tap the share icon and share it with your friends so you can get a 10% Referral Bonus, and your Referral also get a 5% Cashback Bonus when joining NOBI under your referral code. So you earn, They earn!

What’s so fun about NOBI Referrals?

We have an interesting referral program for all our users who actively share their referral codes. Get the chance to earn cash back and referral bonuses in BTC every month!  More details on our Referral program 





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