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NOBI February 2021 Highlights

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Hi and welcome to another edition of NOBI’s monthly highlights! 2021 is still looking good so far for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin which just hit a milestone of US$ 50,000 for the first time in its history earlier this month. Not only Bitcoin, but our very own HNST token also skyrocketed to 700% in just 2 days at the Indodax exchange. Our team is still working around the clock to provide new and exciting things coming up in the near future. In the meantime, here is the February Highlights in case you missed them:

1. Our HNST token sky rocketed to 700% in just 2 days!

Wonderful news from Indodax! Proudly to announce on February 6 and 8, our HNST skyrocketed up to 700%. If you missed the train, get your HNST now at the Indodax exchange!

2. NOBI 10,000 HNST Chinese New Year Giveaway

To commemorate our HNST token price hitting 700% in just 2 days at the Indodax exchange, we gave away 10.000 limited HNST for our new users upon signing up and fill our KYC this Chinese New Year! The period starts from 8-26 February 2021, and prize distribution is on 4th and 5th March 2021. Welcome and congratulations to all new NOBI users!

3. The end of our NOBI Gifthanks period

Our NOBI Gifthanks period has come to an end! NOBI Gifthanks is our signature customer loyalty program that we held last November for our loyal users particularly those that joined our Strategy and Savings feature. By joining from 20 November 2020 until 30 November and a lock period of 90 days (December 2020 – February 2021), they will receive a total of 50% cashback from their performance fee. Thank you to all our loyal users, until the next NOBI Gifthanks program!

4. Be a Strategy Maker in NOBI

NOBI is on a quest to seek professional and skilled traders to craft trading strategies in order to simplify our users in trading crypto. A strategy maker will earn profit from fees that are charged to users by following a strategy (e.g following fee). The strategy created by the strategy maker will work automatically since its created based on real trader experience turned into an algorithm. So, do you think you got what it takes to become a strategy maker? If you do, sign up (here).

5. Earn attractive yield by following Morgan and Moon Strategy

Since being launched last December, both Morgan (BTC) & Moon (USDT) by DB are an instant favorite among our users and the most followed strategy in NOBI Strategy. With many positive responses we get, here’s one of them coming from one of our users this month. Hop the bandwagon and earn attractive yield by following Morgan or Moon strategy right away! The minimum follow starts only 0,005 BTC for Morgan and 25 USDT for Moon.

That sums up our main activities at NOBI for this month. See you on the next monthly highlights!

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