NOBI Mei 2021 Highlights

NOBI May 2021 Highlights

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Greetings, and welcome to NOBI May 2021 Highlights! In this edition of our monthly highlights, we already lined up some big and exciting news that happened throughout May dedicated to our readers. So in case, you missed the fun, here are NOBI May 2021 Highlights:

1. The Migration is Completed!

Mission accomplished! After a painstaking process, we are very happy and proud to announce Honest Mining has finally completed the migration to NOBI. Enjoy the simplicity in staking and earn rewards in the brand new service in the app: NOBI Staking!

Some of the advantages in the new NOBI Staking:

  • No locking period. Join/withdraw your assets at any time!
  • Auto-compounding, which means now you can stake your earned rewards!
  • Just like other services in NOBI, you can immediately start staking according to the minimum join without having to choose a masternode first or contribute a seat.

2. New Pages added in our website

We improved and added 2 new tabs to our website (Services & About Us)! The newly added tabs contain info about our services in the app and an inside look at the company and the NOBI team. We also added a new build-in calculator where you can see how much you can earn from our services. Feel free to visit the new improved NOBI website anytime at

3. The Grand Launch of NOBI

Lawrence Samantha (Founder/CEO – NOBI /Honest Mining) and Dion Evan (Chief Product Officer of NOBI) with the Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Jakarta, Indonesia 31 May 2021.

It was a historical day and milestone for the whole NOBI team to remember, as we officially launched the NOBI app on the 31st May 2021. We would like to thank all our users, community, partners, and everyone who supported us in building this app. With the grand launch of NOBI, we hope it can help people earn more from their crypto assets in the near future. NOBI is available on Android Play Store & Apple App Store. Download now and create your Free NOBI account today!

That wraps up for this edition of our monthly Highlights. We’ll see you on the next one!

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