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NOBI September Highlight 2020

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Entering the second month after the launch of NOBI, there have been many activities carried out to introduce NOBI to the crypto community in Indonesia and across the world. Here we have summarized the entire series of activities that have been carried out during September in NOBI September 2020 Highlights.

Honest Mining is Officially Becomes NOBI

Following the launch of the NOBI application, Honest Mining has also now completed its evolution process into end to end crypto financial services. This evolution began with the change in several social media and community events Honest Mining to become NOBI. Read more here.

Honest Mining is now NOBI

NOBI Talks “Cuan Dari Derivatif”

Nobi Talks with “Cuan Dari Derivatif” to introduce to our users that derivatives are one way for traders to get more profit. This event was successfully held on NOBI Indonesia Telegram Group.

Indonesia Blockchain Conference

As part of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, we take part to enliven and contribute to the Indonesia Blockchain Conference which was held online on September 15, 2020. We intend this event to provide an update on the development landscape of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia.

More Simple, More Powerful, NOBI V 2.0

Welcoming version 2.0 of the NOBI application, we have made several developments, especially in terms of users experience, so that our application is more user friendly and easier to use. Have you updated your application to the latest version?

NOBI Talks “Cara Beternak Crypto” With Indodax

There is always a way to minimize the risks that exist even in the crypto world. This month, NOBI Talks also discussed how to grow crypto in order to get optimal results with less risk. This event was held in collaboration with one of our partners from Indodax.

HONEST ($HNST) is Now Available on NOBI

Good news for all HNST holders that the Honest (HNST) wallet is already available on the NOBI application, allowing you to store HNST on your cellphone and can be used anytime, anywhere.

AMA on CryptoID Group”Cara Baru Dapat Cuan Dari Trading Bersama NOBI”

In addition, we have also successfully held an AMA session in collaboration with the CryptoID team to introduce NOBI as an application that can be a solution for you to develop your crypto.

That’s all the NOBI updates this September. Download NOBI Apps today and experience the easy way to grow your crypto.

See you on our highlights next month.