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Performance Fee info is now listed on your Activity List

Dear NOBI users,

In order to continue providing better service and maintaining transparency to all our users, therefore we would like to inform you that in the latest version of the NOBI app, the performance fee will now be displayed on your Activity List. This is to ensure you that in NOBI there are no “hidden fees” or whatsoever. Performance fees will be charged to all users on the 28th of every month or upon exiting a Strategy or Savings in NOBI.

What is a Performance Fee?

A performance fee is a fee charged for the performance of the strategy or savings in managing crypto assets to generate profits for users. The performance fee calculation is based on the results of the net profit gained during the current month or when the user stops following the strategy or savings. Performance fee does not count if the strategy followed does not gain profit for users.

Here is a sample illustration to help you recognize the fees in NOBI:

We use the Nova Oscillator strategy as an example.
On July 15, 2020, Dino followed the Nova Oscillator strategy in Nobi by 0.01 BTC with the fees information as follows:

Following Fee: Free
Service fee: 2% per annum
Performance fee: 25%
Exit fee: 0.0006864 BTC

Then on July 31, 2020, John decided to remove his asset from the strategy and he had obtained a profit of 5% of total assets. And here is the estimated fees charged to John:

John’s net profit: 5% x 0.01 BTC = 0.0005 BTC

  • Following fee = 0 (Free)
  • Service fee: 15 July – 31 July = 17 days
    (2% x 0.01 BTC) : 365 days = 0.0000005 BTC per day.
    0.0000005 x 17 = 0.0000085 BTC total service fee for 17 days.
  • Performance fee: total profit x 25%
    0.0005 x 25% = 0.000125 BTC total performance fee.
  • Exit fee = 0.0006864 BTC
  • Estimated total fees paid by John:
    0.0000085 + 0.000125 + 0.0006864 = 0.0008119 BTC

As a commitment to provide more benefits to users, three out of five fees described above are distributed back to users who actively follow the strategy(s) in Nobi in the form of Referral Bonuses and Cashback. The three types of fees are: following fees, service fees, and performance fees.

To learn more about all the fees in NOBI. Read the complete guide (here). #GrowYourCrypto the most accessible way only with NOBI!


The NOBI team

#GrowYourCrypto #GrowWithNOBI

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