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Rapids (RPD): New Coin Listing and AMA Session

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Honest Mining has been hectic in August preparing new coin listings. We have listed FBN earlier this month and another coin is already preparing to be listed soon. Let us introduce you to Rapids (RPD), a cryptocurrency that integrates social media and blockchain technology. 

Rapids (RPD) in a Nutshell

Rapids promises a fast and secure payment across social media via blockchain technology. Social media is a revolutionary industry that changes the games of trade entirely. Most people also believe that blockchain technology will also be as destructive as social media be in the near future. Rapids took a step early to integrate both technologies into a practical means of an online transaction with high speed and minimum fees. 

Rapids enables users, both individuals or businesses to send RPD across social media platforms to their family, friends, colleagues, and companies instantly. This is a revolutionary breakthrough, as businesses could make payments for inventory and receive payments from customer instantly. They do not need to wait for bank transaction clearing like what is happening through wire-transfer at this point of time. 

Besides RPD transfers, Rapids also facilitate atomic swap feature where users could change their RPD into other alternative coins and also fiat currency of their choice without a third party. Rapids has constantly achieved its roadmap goals. They have walked accordingly to the roadmap timeline in their whitepaper. Furthermore, another interesting milestone they are planning to achieve at Q4 of 2019 is to apply for Rapids VISA debit cards for its users. 

AMA Session with Rapids

This is a project worth your attention. It keeps developing. And we do know that you would want to understand further about this project. Therefore, we welcome you to join AMA sessions with Rapids on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 7:00 AM UTC (2 PM GMT+7) at Honest Mining Telegram Group (t.me/HonestMiningEN). Prepare your questions for Matt Cimelli, Community Outreach Leader of Rapids and the AMA winners can expect a total of 2,500,000 RPD to be airdropped to their respective wallets!

You may start to deposit RPD on August 15, 2019 and start staking right after AMA session ends.

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