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STAKE UP! Blockchain Bonanza

STAKE UP! is a crypto and blockchain technology enthusiasts community event initiated by Honest Mining.

Honest Mining has successfully hosted the second STAKE UP! event titled ‘The Future of Blockchain and Mining’ on July 24th, 2019, at Landmark Pluit Building. Honest Mining was collaborating with Blockchain Innovation Center community in this STAKE UP! Blockchain Bonanza. The two speakers, who are Mr. Lawrence (CEO of Honest Mining) and Mr. Raymond (Community Manager of Blockchain Innovation Center) shared their knowledge about this new technology. They were also providing insights of how blockchain and mining will be in the future.

STAKE UP! Blockchain Bonanza

Image: STAKE UP! Blockchain Bonanza

The Blockchain and Mining Talk

Mr. Raymond told the community some unique examples of how blockchain technology can be implemented in many industry areas such as health and even agricultural industry. In the health industry, for example, blockchain serves as medical recording. The blockchain holds the record in an eternal timeline and cannot be tempered by any party. Furthermore, is there is a disease breakout, people in the industry can trace the disease up to the first patient and even to the source of the disease itself. 

Mr. Lawrence, on the other hand, discussed the future of crypto mining. This future mining, which is so-called crypto mining 2.0. is mining that is based on Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, where it surely has quite a handful of advantages compared to Proof-of-Work mechanism. For instance, PoW is energy-hungry by design, PoS energy cost is low or is regarded as neglectable. 

In the end, we would like to thank all the participants for joining our event. It was a great night of sharing and getting to know each other more. Therefore, we would like to encourage more of you, students, traders, executives, crypto fans, CEOs, marketers, designers, government officers, whoever you are to join in our next STAKE UP! event. You will learn a lot about crypto space and we are sure it will be a beneficial experience for you in this new technology era.

See you in the next STAKE UP!