The All-New NOBI 3.0: The Future of Investing

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The Future of Investing has Landed in The All-New NOBI 3.0

Welcome to The Future of Investing!

After months of hard work from the whole team, we are proud to launch the all-new and improved NOBI 3.0! This latest version of the app offers a simplified and unified design, with a better user experience than ever.

When it was rebranded from Honest Mining in 2020, NOBI was built so that everyone can easily earn yield from their crypto. In just 2 short years, we have successfully gathered active users around the world from 40+ countries and managed a total asset of $ 80+ Million and counting. NOBI is growing rapidly, so we need a visual update and improve better usability for our users. A new user interface, a better user experience but still NOBI where we like to keep it simple.

So.. What’s new in NOBI 3.0?

1. NOBI Trade: Buy-Sell Top Crypto in Seconds!

By popular demands, we are happy to announce that buy-sell crypto is now available in the new NOBI 3.0! Ever imagine owning top crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more in a blink of an eye? Well look no further, with the new NOBI TRADE, you can now enjoy instant transactions 24/7 with a minimum purchase starting from as low as IDR 20,000. NOBI TRADE is powered by Indodax, an Indonesian-based crypto exchange registered at the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency of Indonesia (BAPPEBTI).

Please Note: To be eligible for buying-selling crypto on NOBI, you have to verify your account to user-level 3 (KYC). Personal documents such as a National ID or Passport and an Indonesian bank account under your name are required.

2. NOBI Pro: Invest Like a Pro

Trading crypto can be tough and sometimes overwhelming. Starting from fluctuating prices, to constantly monitoring market movements. But wait! There’s a solution for you that wants to actively trade crypto but are too busy with day-to-day activities, and that is; you can put your trading on AUTOPILOT mode. Doing so will allow you to have free time without having to risk missing out on valuable trading opportunities.

Introducing the brand new NOBI Pro (previously Strategy in version 2). Enjoy trading crypto on Autopilot 24/7 by simply following Automated Trading Strategies and Pre-Built Portfolios. Curated by a professional trader in partner with NOBI, every strategy went through a backtest before being launched to the public. The backtest result then will provide users with a set of information on how the strategy will perform, and an estimation of how profitable the strategy will be. Start investing like a Pro today!

3. NOBI Earn: Earn Attractive Interest from your Crypto up to 15% APR

Another new product in NOBI 3.0 is NOBI Earn (previously Staking and Savings in version 2). NOBI partners with global crypto lending protocols and top crypto projects to deliver an interest-bearing account that provides competitive returns. Similar to a traditional savings account, users can enjoy an attractive yield of up to 15% APR with no lock-in period starting from as low as $10. In addition, the interest in NOBI Earn is compounded, where the yield comes from either Decentralized Finance lending or Crypto Staking. Start Earning today from your crypto and get an attractive yield just by HODLing!


We would like to dedicate the release of NOBI 3.0 to our users as the result of your never-ending support and feedback that have been given to us until now. NOBI aims for the sustainable growth of its users on a global scale and will keep on continuing to strive for people so they can get more from their crypto assets. Be part of the global cryptocurrency movement today and help us build The Future of Investing!

The NOBI Team

About NOBI

PT. Enkripsi Teknologi Handal (NOBI) is a registered Indonesian company and a member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association. In addition, NOBI partners with global crypto lending protocols and top crypto projects such as BinanceBitmex, AAVECompound Finance, INDODAX, and more, to ensure our users safely invest and earn yield in the app.

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For customer support, send an e-mail to support@usenobi.com or drop a chat via NOBIHELP. Where our dedicated support specialists are here to assist you via our live Telegram chat.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or even comments, reach us at roadmap.usenobi.com or join our Telegram community.


NOBI is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. Get started and create your free account in minutes!

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