Private Sale Ended
Private Sale Ended
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Token Sales Update

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Hello Honest Miners!

We are proud to announce that Honest Token (HNST) Private Placement has been completed. Total 56 million HNST were sold between October-December 2018. We would like to thank our believer & the community for the never-ending support & the patient working through this process with us. Welcome to Honest Mining, the future of cryptocurrency mining.

Private Placement Only Model

True to our name, the Honest Mining team is committed to conduct a fair & honest token sale. After analyzing the market, we decided to be different and move away from the popular public token sale model. We focused on on-boarding select number of investors who really believe in the product through a private placement. 

Our private placement also adopted a slightly different strategy than some other projects:

Flat Pricing Policy

Some projects provide different pricing based on investment size or timing, while we offer all investors equal pricing. Different pricing strategy is desirable for some investors because it allows investors to gain quick short-term gain. We believe that a good product takes time to build, and short-term price strategy will not benefit our long-term investor.

Hard Vesting Policy

We want to attract the right type of investors who believe in our long-term product vision. As utility token, we believe that our market cap will grow together with the real utilization. This is not an instant process, so we have put 6-month vesting distribution policy that starts from the product launching date.

We have received tremendous support & commitments from a different type of investors. By mid-November, we have met more than our expected raised ETH amount. We also received over 400 whitelist applicants from different part of the world. The cryptocurrency bear market was on full effect until late December, and we met many investors who were forced to pull out from crypto completely. What’s left are investors who truly believe in the company that we are building.

What’s Next

On behalf of the entire Honest Mining team, we thank you for your continuous support. Right now we have open the pre-registration program where you can reserve your username. If you have not done it, please go ahead and visit our website. As scheduled, the team will move forward with the project soft-launch before the end of 1st Quarter of 2019.  We are also working hard to get HNST listed on exchanges.

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