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What makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake

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Honest Mining has listed Harmony (ONE) on the platform! This is a very interesting project and we will tell you what makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake!

Deep Sharding Technology

Harmony comes into the crypto space to be a solution for blockchain technology. We all have known the biggest problem that blockchain today faces is related to scalability and Harmony is applying 10 times innovation on the network to make a high-throughput, low latency, and low fee blockchain. Harmony introduces deep sharding technology that divides computational and storage workload into shards, which means a node will not have the full network workload. This sharding technique addresses the scalability problem in blockchain and makes transaction speed and data much faster. Harmony shards network communication, transaction validation and also the blockchain state (storage of blockchain data) making the blockchain fully scalable to accommodate their goal of open consensus for 10 billion people. 

Capable Team

Harmony team consists of experts from Silicon Valley. With practitioners experienced in Google, Apple and other projects, Harmony team gives their limitless potential to build this ambitious consensus platform. They have a background in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, VR, and many more. This great team surely knows what they are doing and they are doing it right!

Boosting Performance through Collaborations

Harmony has partnered with some projects to boost the performance of its platform. Another constraint blockchain technology has currently besides scalability is a limitation to complex data-intensive smart contracts. Ethereum, which is the founder platform of the smart contract also does not support the smart contract with heavy data. Harmony focuses on increasing horizontal performance concerning the scalability of a secure blockchain, but it also aims to increase vertical performance that could support intensive computation and data-heavy smart contracts securely. Therefore Harmony has partnered with Taxa, to integrate its powerful computational and privacy-preserving infrastructure into Harmony blockchain protocol. The integration enables project developer who works on the Harmony platform could enjoy both benefits of Harmony and Taxa network altogether. 

Another project that has formed a partnership with Harmony is Matic Network. Matic Network enables dApp developers from Harmony to communicate and transfer value across multiple blockchains. The integration also enables Harmony dApps to process heavy computation task off-chain so they can pay less gas fee whilst enhancing their overall performance. 

Closing Thought

We believe that Harmony (ONE) will be one of the leading new projects. Therefore Honest Mining supports its goal of creating a blockchain infrastructure for 10 billion people. Deep sharding technology will need many validators and you can be one. Join us today and earn a 30-34% annual yield by staking Harmony (ONE)! 

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