Earn Up to 15%
Interest (APR)
and Beat Your Bank

NOBI partners with top lending protocols and supports staking for wide variety of altcoins.
See how much you can earn.
1 Years
USD interest per year
Total crypto earnings
Total USD Interest over 1 years
The calculator is indicative and for informational purposes only and does not guarantee actual interests that may be earned. Actual earned interest will be payable in crypto assets and the amount will vary depending on the actual lending market & staking condition that changes from time to time. The USD equivalent value of earned interest will vary depending on the crypto asset price that changes from time to time.

Why NOBI Earn?

Easily Manage
Your Portfolio
Our app gives you full transparency and control over your crypto portfolio right from your smartphone
Daily Flexible
Your crypto never stops growing with NOBI Earn. Choose your crypto & earn immediately.
Locked &
Enjoy multiple layers of security measurements. This includes 2 Factor authentication, PIN code, and account verification. Be safe & earn interest.

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What is NOBI Earn?
NOBI Earn is an interest-bearing account, which provides competitive yields. With NOBI Earn, you can earn daily interest up to 15% (APR) from your crypto assets.
How secure is NOBI Earn?
NOBI partners with global crypto lending protocols. We also work closely with top crypto projects to make sure that our staking infrastructures are always secure. Furthermore, we employ multi layers of security measurements in the app including two-factor authentication, PIN code, and account verification so your accounts are totally secure while you are earning.
What is the minimum amount to follow NOBI Earn?
NOBI Earn starts from as low as $10.
Is there a locking period in NOBI Earn?
No, there is no locking period. Earn daily interest from your crypto-assets, and withdraw funds anytime.
How does NOBI Earn generate the interest?
The interest in NOBI Earn is compounded. Our yield comes from either Decentralized Finance lending or Crypto Staking.

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