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Put your Assets into
Auto Growth Mode with NOBI Strategy

Follow these trading strategies & let your crypto work for you.

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
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& No Lockup
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Secured Asset
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
Friendly Minimum
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
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Available Strategies

Follow these strategies & let your crypto grow

Strategy Maker
1 Month
NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way
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Why NOBI Strategy?

Trading needs a lot of time & skill. We’ve partnered with Strategy Makers -
experienced traders who are expert in optimizing profit while also minimizing risk.
When you follow their strategies, you automatically follow their trading move.

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way

A Smarter Way to Trade
Cryptocurrencies Right at Your Fingertips

24/7/365 algorithmic trading, even when you sleep.

NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way NOBI - Grow Crypto The Easy Way

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

01. What is NOBI Strategy?
NOBI Strategy consists of a number of algorithmic trading strategies that automatically do the trading for you.
02. How Does NOBI Strategy Work?
NOBI Strategy works by following algorithmic trading strategies curated by a Strategy maker in partnership with NOBI.
03. What is a Strategy Maker?
A Strategy Maker is a professional trader with a solid background in trading that curates algorithmic trading strategies.
04. What is the Risk level in NOBI Strategy?
Similar to Trading, NOBI Strategy has a high risk tolerance. Suitable for investors that can withstand market volatilities in the expectation of earning exponential returns.
05. How Safe is NOBI Strategy?
NOBI guarantees your crypto assets are safe in NOBI Strategy, since the Strategy Maker doesn’t have direct access to withdraw the assets. The crypto assets are safely stored on a crypto exchange in partnership with NOBI.
06. Does NOBI Strategy charge fees?
The fees in NOBI Strategy are Following Fee, Performance Fee, Service Fee, and Exit Fee. Read more about NOBI Fees ( Here )
07. When will the fees be charged?
Fees will be charged from your account on 28th every month. Read more about Fees ( Here )
08. Will my profit be traded on the strategy I follow?
Yes, your profit will be automatically added as capital and be traded on the strategy you follow.
09. How can I start trading in NOBI Strategy?
Simply deposit the crypto assets according to the strategy you choose to follow, then tap confirm. (Following a Strategy generally takes up to 24 Hours to process). Check out the Step by Step Guide. ( Here )
10. How to exit from NOBI Strategy?
When deciding to exit from a Strategy, simply tap “Remove” on the Strategy you wish to exit from. (The process of exiting a Strategy takes 24 hours to be processed by the NOBI system), Read More. ( Here )
11. How long do I have to hold my assets in order to generate profit in NOBI Strategy?
To get the optimal profit from NOBI Strategy, kindly read the Following Horizon information mentioned in the Strategy you wish to follow.
12. How To Become A Strategy Maker?
Do you have what it takes to become a Strategy Maker? If you do, sign up ( Here )