Honest Mining is Migrating To NOBI

Honest Mining has Completed the Migration to NOBI!

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Honest Mining has completed the migration and is now available in the new service in the app: NOBI Staking

Mission accomplished! After a painstaking process, we are very happy and proud to announce our award-winning staking platform: Honest Mining has completed the migration to NOBI! From now on, all staking activities are available in the new service in the app: NOBI Staking. For Honest Mining users, here are some key takeaways regarding the migration in case you missed out:

• What happened to my Honest Mining account? What do I need to migrate?

Rest assured, the NOBI team already took care of everything for you. Your Honest Mining credentials are safe and can be used in the NOBI app, so you do not need to do anything other than download NOBI & log in there.

• Where are my Honest Mining balances?

Nothing to worry about, your coins are safely stored during the migration & are now available in your NOBI wallet.

• How about my staking?

Your coins are now staking in NOBI Staking.

• Where can I get NOBI?

NOBI is free to download and available for both Android & iPhone devices. Go get it now!

*Note: From now on, the Honest Mining website is no longer available to access. Therefore, all updates and information regarding Staking will be available on NOBI’s official website. Feel free to visit us anytime at www.usenobi.com.

If you have any further questions regarding the migration, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support by sending an e-mail to support@usenobi.com or join our Telegram community for assistance.

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