NOBI Highlights April 2023
NOBI Highlights April 2023

Bitcoin saw a brilliant surge above $30,000 in April, convincing many that the crypto winter was finally over. However, BTC lost momentum as investors prepared for what promises to be a volatile May. Nevertheless, crypto assets are predicted to continue rising throughout 2023 as more investors seek shelter in Bitcoin and other crypto assets due to Federal Reserve policies tightening and the slow-burn US banking crisis.

Additionally, NOBI is committed to educating users about the importance of saving crypto assets for long-term financial freedom. Last month, we also ran some exciting promos for both new and loyal NOBI users. So, if you missed out on all the fun, check out the NOBI’s April 2023 Highlights.

1. Healthy Bukber with HNST Club

HNST Club members have a favorite spot for a healthy Bukber, Greens Station di Plaza Indonesia, offering a healthy menu for breaking the fast. @greensindonesia serves Live Salad with microGREENS, hyperlocal-grown vegetables using AI, blockchain, and IoT technology, with 39 times higher nutritional value than regular vegetables! Join #HNST Club now and enjoy up to 35%* discount at Greens and other exclusive benefits.

2. PONDASI Ep. 8: US Banking Crisis, Weakening Dollar. Crypto Gets a Blessing?

It is rumored that some countries are starting to abandon the US dollar after the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. The US dollar has been the ruler of international trade for several decades, but now a new competitor called BRICS, an alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has emerged. They have created a new currency for use in international trade, replacing the US dollar. So, what is the impact on the crypto industry? NOBI’s VP Commercial, Pamela Jaikishin, with over 10 years of experience in the banking industry, will share her insights on the future of the crypto industry post-banking and currency collapse. Check out the full video on YouTube.

3. Blessing Month Promo with Abundant Cashback

Promo Bulan Berkah Cashback Berlimpah

Get extra savings of up to millions of rupiah by joining NOBI Earn and saving for 3 months in coins like Polkadot, Tether, Circle, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. The promo period runs from March to April 2023, and rewards will be distributed on the 15th of the fourth month counted from the placement of Earn. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your savings in NOBI Earn!

4. AMA NOBI: Banking Crisis, BTC Dominance & Latest Updates

NOBI held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and this time the topic discussed was the effect of the banking crisis in the United States on Bitcoin. The event took place on April 14th via Discord NOBI and was hosted by Suyenni, NOBI’s Product Marketing Manager. NOBI’s could ask any questions related to this topic through chat. So, if you missed it, don’t miss the chance to join the next AMA!

5. New Crypto Listing on NOBI

Last April, we’re excited to announce the latest listing of 10 crypto assets that are now available for trading on the NOBI app. These coins include:

  1. Conflux $CFX
  2. Ziliqa $ZIL
  3. Fantom $FTM
  4. Stellar $XLM
  5. Litecoin $LTC
  6. Dogecoin $DOGE
  7. Axie Infinity $AXS
  8. The Sandbox $SAND
  9. Aave $AAVE
  10. TRX $TRON

You can own these assets for an affordable price, starting from Rp20,000 only. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity and don’t miss the chance to start trading on NOBI and earn your profits!

And that’s a wrap for the NOBI April 2023 Highlights. We’ll catch you at the next one!

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