Easy way to Deposit Rupiah

How to Deposit Rupiah in NOBI

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After completing your registration, next we will guide you to easily deposit Rupiah to buy crypto in NOBI. Further on, you used the crypto to join service in NOBI. Please note that to do Rupiah Deposit, your account must in user lever 3. Here is step by step on how you can deposit Rupiah in NOBI:

Step 1

Open NOBI Apps, then select wallet menu in the main menu

Step 2

You’ll be moved to List Wallet on NOBI Apps, to do Rupiah Deposit you can touch add button (+) right next to Indonesian Rupiah.

Step 3

You’ll be shown with Virtual Account Number and Your Account Name to send Rupiah to. Please note, minimum Rupiah Deposit in NOBI is IDR 100,000.

Step 4

You can move to your Mobile Banking Application to send some fund to your virtual account. for non-Mandiri Users, do not fret, you can still send money to your virtual account with any indonesian bank you’re held, here’s how:

ATM – by inserting Mandiri Bank Code (008) and do normal transaction with destination account number started with “88017” followed with 11 number of your virtual account.

Internet/Mobil Banking – By choosing transaction to other bank, select “Bank Mandiri”, then insert your virtual account number started with “88017”.

Step 5

After completing deposit rupiah, you can see all the transaction history by touching the “Indonesian Rupiah” on Wallet List Page. You’ll be directed to your wallet history.

Perlu diperhatikan sekali lagi, bahwa untuk dapat melakukan deposito Rupiah untuk melakukan pembelian kripto di applikasi NOBI, Anda harus telah memiliki akun User Level 3. Deposito pada umumnya membutuhkan waktu 5 – 120 menit hingga berhasil terproses. Setelah deposit berhasil saatnya mulai untuk membeli asset kripto untuk di investasikan ikutin panduan lengkapnya disini.

Please note that to do Deposit in Rupiah for buying crypto in NOBI Apps, You’ll need to set up your account to User Level 3. Deposito usually takes 5-120 Minutes. Now you have succeed on Deposit Rupiah to your account, Now it’s time to start Buy Crypto to start investing in NOBI.

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