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How To Verify Your NOBI Account

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Steps to verify your account in NOBI and why it is necessary

As a registered Indonesian crypto-company and part of our commitment to remain as a trusted and safe cryptocurrency platform, all identification documents of our users must be verified by the NOBI team. Know Your Customer (KYC) in Security level 3, is to ensure that the NOBI app is not used for scams, money laundering, supporting terrorism, or any illegal activities. Account verification is necessary for you to use the full functionality of the NOBI app.

To complete your NOBI registration, you’ll be required to upload a clear and full ID of yourself (a national ID card with an English translation or passport). Once you’re all set, follow the guidelines below:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select then tap Security Level 3.

3. Fill in your personal data required on the Basic Information page. 

4. Take a selfie and make sure your face is clearly visible in the frame. Then tap Submit Photo.

5. There are 2 options of identity types to choose from for submitting: Passport and Identity Card. Select then tap on the document type of your choice.

6. Take a photo of your document. Make sure the document you are taking fits within the frame and can be read clearly. Then tap Submit Photo to proceed to the final step.

  • Passport

  • ID card

7. A confirmation page will appear on the screen, and that’s it! Your NOBI account is now in the process of verification by the NOBI team! 

You can tell if you’re a verified user by looking at the status of your Security Level. 

Note: The entire verification process can take up to 3 business days. You’ll receive an e-mail notification from the NOBI team if your verification is approved.

Why is account verification necessary?
  1. To prevent fraud and to make any account-related changes.
  2. Increase your daily withdrawal limit up to US $ 15,000.
  3. An example of a case that we get a lot is, if along the way you lose your 2FA code access and need our help, our support team will have a faster time in verifying your request if your account has been verified.
Useful tips:
  • Make sure to fill in your personal data according to the documents you attach and double-check before submitting. This makes it easier and faster for our team to verify data so that your account can be verified faster.
  • Use an official document that is still valid, according to your country.
  • A well-lit room can help when taking selfies or documents to be seen more clearly.
  • Use a light-colored background so that your face and documents can be seen clearly.

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