Easy way to Withdraw Rupiah

How to Withdraw Rupiah from NOBI

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Before doing withdrawal, please make sure to activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account because this is a mandatory step to keep your funds safe. After activating your Two Factor Authentication (2FA), you can follow these steps to withdraw Rupiah form NOBI:

Step 1

Open NOBI Apps, and touch wallet menu on main menu.

Step 2

You’ll be moved to Wallet List on NOBI Apps, to do Rupiah Withdrawal you can touch the “Indonesian Rupiah”.

Step 3

Next you’ll be seeing the wallet history, where you can see your current balance and any transaction history on your wallet, to do deposit, you just need to touch the Withdraw button.

Step 4

Next you need to input the amount of Rupiah you want to withdraw from your wallet. Please note, the minimum withdrawal is IDR 100,000. Please input the amount you wish to withdraw and touch withdraw button to continue.

Step 5

Next you need to confirm your withdrawal. you’ll be shown your detail transaction and if any fee charged on your transaction. Please note, it’s usually takes 3 working days before your fund send back to your account.

Step 6

After you agree with the withdrawal detail. you’ll be asked to input your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) code to verify it was you. you can always see your transaction status on wallet detail.

Please note, it takes 3 working days to complete transact your fund from NOBI to your bank account. if you want to do deposit please read this article. got any question? please contact us at Support@usenobi.com or chat us on NOBI Help Bot.