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Bitcoin (BTC) Savings is Now Available on NOBI Earn

Dear NOBI users,

Today, we are happy to announce the most-anticipated new crypto savings on NOBI, Bitcoin (BTC)! With this BTC savings, you can now earn more from your BTC. Starting 28-04-2022, you can enjoy APY up to 2.5% of Saving BTC in NOBI Earn without lock-in period, no limits! Are you keen to know more about the new crypto savings? Let’s get to know this crypto asset!

About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was first defined by a person or group of persons using the identity Satoshi Nakamoto in a whitepaper published in 2008. It was released in January 2009, only a few months later.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online currency, which means that all transactions take place between equal, independent network users without the need for a middleman to allow or facilitate them. While there were some concepts for a similar form of decentralized virtual currencies before Bitcoin, it is the first cryptocurrency to be used in the actual world.

Stay tuned for more crypto savings on NOBI Earn!


The NOBI Team

About NOBI

NOBI is an all-in-one crypto app that provides various easy crypto investing through passive income from NOBI EarnNOBI Pro, and NOBI Trade. An app designed for people that are into crypto but don’t have time for crypto.

How Safe is it?

PT. Enkripsi Teknologi Handal (NOBI) is a registered Indonesian company and a member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association. Moreover, NOBI partners with global crypto companies such as BinanceAAVECompound Finance, and more, to ensure users can safely invest crypto and earn yield.

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If you have any suggestions, feedback, or comments about the app, reach us at roadmap.usenobi.com 

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