NOBI March 2021 Highlights
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NOBI March 2021 Highlights

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Another month coming to a close, which means.. Welcome to NOBI March 2021 Highlights! March is a very special month for all of us at NOBI, since we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary this year! And lots have been going on throughout this month that we summarized it for you, in this edition’s highlights in case you missed them:

1. Chinese New Year 10,000 HNST Giveaway Announcement Winners

Our Chinese New Year 10,000 HNST giveaway has finally come to a close. After holding the giveaway period for nearly a full month, we have chosen a total of 132 winners to win our pool prize of 10,000 HNST! Congratulations to all winners, and welcome to NOBI!

2. Ferrum (FRM) Staking Rewards Announcement

The 1 year (365 days) staking period for Ferrum (FRM) stakers ends in March 9, 2021. Balance and staking rewards are distributed directly to user’s FRM wallet at Honest Mining. Congratulations to all stakers who participated!

3. NOBI 2nd Anniversary Celebration With BTC &USDT Giveaway!

A very special moment for all of us at NOBI, as we celebrate our second anniversary this month! And what makes it more special, is we are inviting all our existing and new users to participate in this special moment with us. Get the chance of winning a total grand prize worth $1,000 in BTC & USDT! Join the celebration by participating in our anniversary giveaway on our Twitter and Instagram. Read more about how you can participate in the celebration (here).

4. New minimum follow in NOBI Strategy

NOBI is pleased to announce that NOBI Strategy has a new minimum follow for Bitcoin trading strategies. Experience a new, affordable and easy way of trading by joining NOBI Strategy today, with a minimum follow of only 0,001 BTC!

5. NOBI Strategy launches 2 new Strategies by NOVA Kapital

By announcing the new minimum follow of only 0,001 BTC for Bitcoin trading strategies, NOBI Strategy also launches 2 new USDT strategies from NOVA Kapital. Introducing; BTCUPTREND Trigger and Market Movement Bitcoin!

1. Market Movement Bitcoin

About Strategy: This strategy reads Bitcoin price using custom lagging indicators and fibonacci tools. Which works great in trending market, but less in the sideways market.

2. BTCUptrend Trigger

About Strategy: This strategy uses BTCUP leverage token in Binance to optimize return and drawdown. It uses average price in two biggest exchange unrelated with Binance to be more objective and weekly volume as a main factor to entry position.

These 2 new strategies follow their predecessors from NOVA Kapital; Nova Trend Following (a popular choice amongst our users), Nova Oscillator, and Bitcoin Volume Action. Follow now for only 25 USDT!

6. Participate in our short customer feedback, and earn free HNST!

Your feedback means so much to us, and we would love to hear from you! In the month of our 2nd anniversary celebration, we are also holding a special customer feedback this April. Simply share your experience in using NOBI by participating in our short customer feedback survey and earn free HNST by joining the active period from 1 April-30 April 2021!

That concludes this month’s highlights. We’ll see you soon on the next highlight, with more exciting news and updates from the NOBI team. Until then, as always, stay safe everyone!

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