Will 2022 Bring FIRO Bullish?
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Will 2022 Bring FIRO Bullish?

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Most experts believe Bitcoin will skyrocket to $100,000; will FIRO also skyrocket super bullish in 2022? As we know, there are a lot of bullish predictions in 2022. To give an instance, the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, who is optimistic that Bitcoin has the potential to touch the $100,000 mark. Will it become a reality?

Seeing the number of crypto projects emerging, it is essential to strengthening your crypto portfolio further. Don’t fall into the hype for a moment to buy coins/tokens that are popular among influencers or the crypto community. What’s the hype if it doesn’t have “value”? Therefore, stay focused on clear utility and use cases for the project’s long-term sustainability. Introducing $FIRO, the next-generation privacy protocol.

Meet Firo, the Next Generation Privacy Protocol

FIRO is a coin formerly known as Zcoin (Zerocoin). Currently, the FIRO Team has completely rebranded from Zcoin to FIRO. Zcoin was founded in 2016. It has pioneered the Zerocoin protocol, one of the most widely used on-chain privacy protocols.

Firo claims to have an extraordinary level of privacy. As a result, NOBI finally decided to list Firo. As we all know, NOBI is extremely picky when it comes to selecting which crypto projects are qualified for listing. Crypto projects with high popularity are not enough to meet these criteria. Because good fundamentals remain the main aspect to consider. The prospects and sustainability of a project will also be bright with solid fundamentals.

Privacy is all about permission, and the Firo protocol strives to provide clear and consistent transaction privacy to all users. With the previous protocol, Firo is constantly trying to create innovative methods to protect data and prevent detected snooping to monitor user spending patterns.

Who is the Team Behind FIRO?

It’s important to see who the people behind a project are. Who is the founder of FIRO? The founder of FIRO (at the time Zcoin) was Poramin Insom. He holds a master’s degree in Information Security from Johns Hopkins University. He wrote a paper on the proposed practical implementation of the Zerocoin protocol. Apart from Firo, he is also the co-founder of the Satang Corporation and served as a second lieutenant in the Royal Thai Armed Forces in its cyber warfare division.

Reuben Yap joined the project not long after the forming of Firo. He is now leading the project on overall strategy, development and research objectives. Reuben has a professional track record as a vocal advocate of online and financial privacy. He is also the founder of one of Southeast Asia’s first VPN services to combat censorship and is a respected speaker on the topic. In addition, Reuben comments and provides featured perspectives on Forbes, CoinDesk, BBC, Reuters, Nasdaq, etc. Since November 2019, he has served as Project Steward and Co-Founder of FIRO.

Implementation of Firo’s Technology in the Political Field

To elect its party leader, Thai Democratic Party used Firo’s cutting-edge blockchain technology in the primary election in November 2018. The election cast more than 127,000 votes nationally. The implementation was one of the world’s first large-scale political elections on blockchain technology. It seems Firo is truly a history maker who deserves even greater appreciation in the future.

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