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What Happened in the Crypto Industry & NOBI Over The Last Week?

Welcome September! This first week of September, the crypto market is still experiencing high pressure and volatility. Even so, fresh air continues to come to this industry, including the phenomenon of crypto asset ownership which is growing rapidly in Indonesia, making it one of the countries with the TOP number of crypto investors in the world. Then, what else? Let’s take a look at what’s new and interesting we have for you!

1. Russia Ready to Launch Stablecoin-Based Cross-border Payment Platform

Russia has been preparing to build a stablecoin-based cross-border payment platform to avoid using the US dollar and the euro. In order to carry out this mission, Russia will also establish cooperation with a number of “friendly” countries.

Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Moiseev said the Russian government is looking for ways to create a payment platform that can avoid the use of US dollars and euros.

In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning digital assets from being used in payments. However, now the Russian Central Bank is reportedly considering using cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments.

2. Bellatrix Upgrade Successful, The Ethereum Merge Countdown is Officially Begin!

Ethereum developers enabled Bellatrix, which is an upgrade in preparation for Beacon Chain for The Merge. According to data from Ethernodes, more than 73% of Ethereum nodes are now marked as ‘Merge ready’.

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, on Tuesday (6/9) said that The Merge is expected to occur around September 13 to 15. Meanwhile, the Paris upgrade is expected to occur next week or around September 14 to 15.

3. Europol: “Crypto Plays an Important Role in Helping the Fight against Crime,” How come?

According to experts, blockchain network technology allows investigators to follow the trail of where illicit funds have gone. That way, investigators can recover stolen assets that were converted into crypto.

Recognizing the increasing use of Bitcoin and crypto by criminals, the open nature of blockchain technology is also able to provide authorities with new ways to combat organized crime.

4. Break the Record! Nike Successfully Becomes the World’s Highest NFT Sale Brand

Nike, a legendary sports company from the United States, has been recognized as the brand with the highest revenue from selling non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the world. According to data from Dune Analytics, Nike has managed to achieve an NFT sales value of US$185 million.

In addition to having a total revenue that is seven times higher than the other brands under it on the list, Nike has also scored the most transactions with a total of more than 67,000 transactions.

5. Crypto Ownership is Growing Rapidly, The Number of Indonesian Crypto Investors is the Top in the World!

A data has revealed a surprising fact, that ownership of crypto assets or crypto investors in Indonesia has managed to occupy a position above the world average. That means, investing in crypto assets is one of the investment instruments that is increasingly being loved in this country.

Referring to data from the August 2022 Finder Crypto Adoption which conducted a survey of 217,947 people in 26 countries, it was stated that Indonesian crypto asset ownership reached 29.8 million. With a percentage of ownership rate reaching 16% or higher than the global average of 15%.

That wraps up for Crypto This Week. We’ll see you at the next one!

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