Crypto This Week: Crypto & NOBI News This Week

What Happened in the Crypto Industry & NOBI Over The Last Week?

Another week has passed. The market is getting better, and warm weather is getting closer every day. Let’s take a look at what’s new and interesting we have for you!

1. Michael Saylor Quits As MicroStrategy CEO to Focus on Bitcoin Strategy

Source: CoinMarketCap

Starting August 8, Michael Saylor will officially step down as CEO of MicroStrategy, and become Executive Chairman. Saylor himself has served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors since MicroStrategy was founded in 1989 and then officially went public in 1998.

During the announcement, Saylor emphasized the importance of separating the roles and duties of company management. He also underlined his strategy to focus on Bitcoin. Saylor explained, “As Executive Chair, I will be able to focus more on our Bitcoin acquisition strategy.”

2. Tim Beiko Announces Goerli Details, The Ethereum Merge Is Getting Closer than EVER!

Source: Blaze Trends

The Merge is getting closer! Beiko team announces details of Goerli, the last testnet before The Merge. Goerli’s testnet is expected to take place between August 6 and August 12. But this schedule can still change depending on how fast the hashrate function is.

The Ethereum developers have mentioned September 19, 2022 as the release date of The Merge which also indicates that the blockchain network will officially transition using proof-of-stake consensus.

3. US Senate Bill & CFTC to Defines Bitcoin & Ethereum as Digital Commodities

US Senators have drafted a second bill to regulate the regulation of crypto assets. Along with that, they will also provide regulatory authority to the CFTC. The plan is that this bill will change the definition of “commodity” by including “digital commodity” into it. And will apply to a wide range of crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This move will effectively give the CFTC jurisdiction over regulation in the crypto sector.

4. NOBI’s New Feature: Now, You Can Deposit Rupiah Faster & Easier Through GoPay!

Good news for NOBI’s. Now, Rupiah deposit in NOBI is already available via GoPay! With GoPay, you can now start saving and trading crypto assets easily in the NOBI application. This step of depositing via GoPay is very fast and easy. Not much different from the deposit process via other methods at NOBI.

With just a few taps, your Rupiah can immediately slide into your IDR NOBI wallet. Saving and trading crypto assets at NOBI is now easier with Top Up using GoPay. What are you waiting for? Let’s try making a deposit via GoPay right now!

5. Brazil Will Approve a Bill that Would Regulate the Crypto Assets This Week

Source: CoinLive

Brazil is moving closer to an agenda for regulating bitcoin assets and virtual asset service providers (VASPs). This crypto bill, numbered 4.401/2021, is scheduled to go through further processing this week, along with several other bills. This report was prepared by Ricardo Barros, Federal Government leader in the Deputy Chamber of Congress.

That wraps up for Crypto This Week. We’ll see you at the next one!

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