Web3 to Integrate Sports and Virtual World at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022; Ethereum Roadmap Updated! on Crypto This Week

What Happened in the Crypto Industry & NOBI During the Past Week?

Sup, NOBI’s! This week brings yet another seismic disruption. But, what about last week? Not much different. Fortunately, the positive sentiment was not lacking. One from the agreement between Democrats and US Republicans that crypto is ‘the future of finance.’ Next, Web3 brings the world of sports and the virtual world together at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The latest Ethereum roadmap is out, what’s new? We recap what’s been going on in the crypto industry during the past week!

1. Vitalik Buterin Announces New Ethereum Roadmap! What’s New?

Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin recently revealed a new roadmap for his Ethereum project. “The Scourge,” has been included in the updated road map. That means there will be an extra section added to the next Ethereum update, bringing the total to six.

The latest version of his network roadmap he shared via Twitter. In its latest roadmap, Ethereum is gearing up to optimize its enhanced scalability, increase network decentralization and increase its censorship resilience. Vitalik explained that the new roadmap would lead to more milestones that are more specific to each category as well as a more explicit role for quantum-proofness as a critical component of his ‘endgame‘ protocol.

2. Democrats and Republicans Agree that Crypto is the Future

It seems that the heated debate between Democrats and Republicans about crypto is over. The reason for this is that the majority of members on both the left and the right have agreed to accept that cryptocurrency is “the future of finance.”

A new survey uncovers the fact that crypto assets may be able to unite between political camps with opposing views. Moreover, Americans have always wanted established rules and regulations. Both the Democrats and the Republicans, unsurprisingly, recognize the importance of crypto regulation. Statistics showed that 59% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans were in favor of new regulations. In fact, among cryptocurrency advocates, regulation is frequently an issue that comes up.

3. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, Web3 Will Bring Sports World and Virtual World Together

Web3 is expected to play a significant role in bringing new value to traditional sporting events such as football, particularly during the upcoming 2022 World Cup. A number of crypto companies have also contributed to efforts to integrate the world of sports into the virtual world.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held from November 20 to December 18, 2022, according to the schedule. As the host of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has invested nearly US$220 billion to facilitate approximately 1.5 million visitors from around the world.

4. Lebanon Goes Bankrupt, Its Citizens Choose Crypto as Savior

Lebanon is still struggling with the economic crisis that has hit the country since 2019. Hyperinflationary conditions have forced locals to start mining bitcoins or storing wealth through crypto assets.

Several tech-savvy youths in Lebanon have reportedly shifted their focus to cryptocurrencies amid the country’s current monetary crisis. Moreover, now the Lebanese government has closed all local banks due to the ongoing risks to employees and customers.

5. At the Borobudur Banon Run 7 K, All Finishers Will Receive the Borobudur NFT Medal

The running competition at the Borobudur Banon Run 7 K (BBR7K) seems to be a spectacular event that combines the worlds of sports and tourism. This event will be planned to take place in the priority destination area of Borobudur. BBR7K will be held on December 18, 2022, which is located in Borobudur Village, Central Java Province.

In Indonesia, this event is the first time in history. Where the medals awarded will be available in two versions, the physical medal version and also the virtual medal version. The virtual one is a non-fungible token (NFT) digital artwork. Interestingly, all participants will get this medal.

That wraps up for Crypto This Week. We’ll see you at the next one!

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