XRP Price Today

19 Jun 2024 02:45:33
Rp 7,851
   7.64 %
19 Jun 2024 02:45:33
Rp 7,851
   0.52 %
19 Jun 2024 02:45:33
Rp 7,851
   6.12 %
19 Jun 2024 02:45:33
Rp 7,851
   18.15 %
19 Jun 2024 02:45:33
Rp 7,851
   2.43 %

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Market Statistic

24H Volume

Rp 30,02 T

Market Cap

Rp 434,73 T

Circulating Supply

55,57 B XRP

Trading Activity

100% Buy ;  0% Sell



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About XRP

XRP is Ripple's native crypto asset used as a payment system created by Ripple Labs Inc, founded in 2012 by David Schwartz, Arthur Britto, Chris Larsen, and Jed McCaleb. XRP was built as a means of global payment, offering low fees with transaction finalization in under 5 seconds.

What Makes XRP Unique?

  1. Has varieties of applications and usability in various scenarios
  2. Supports popular programming languages and flexible utilities

What Affects the Price of XRP?

  1. Supply and demand
  2. Ripple Labs' reputation

What Gives XRP Value?

  1. Ripple's ability to work with various institutions
  2. Fast and cost-efficient exchange to various assets or currencies

How Secure Is The XRP Network?

XRP uses a unique Federated Consensus mechanism, a more efficient centralized solution to reduce cost and transaction time.


What does XRP stand for?
The first letter in XRP is “X” because any asset not issued by a country must start with X. The following two letters are “RP,” which were chosen to represent the ledger’s native crypto token, “Ripple.”

What is the purpose of XRP and ripple?
Ripple was built as a global payment network and gateway that facilitates efficient, inexpensive payments worldwide. Its native token, XRP, enables the swapping of various digital and physical currencies on the Ripple blockchain and decentralized ledger.

Should I invest in XRP?
If you are looking for an alternative to start investing in crypto at a low cost, XRP can be an option due to its promising growth potential.

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