Conflux Price Today

24 May 2024 11:54:17
Rp 3,674
   4.06 %
24 May 2024 11:54:17
Rp 3,674
   3.7 %
24 May 2024 11:54:17
Rp 3,674
   10.35 %
24 May 2024 11:54:17
Rp 3,674
   8.26 %
24 May 2024 11:54:17
Rp 3,674
   15.08 %

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Market Statistic

24H Volume

Rp 1,71 T

Market Cap

Rp 14,84 T

Circulating Supply

4,04 B CFX

Trading Activity

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About Conflux

Conflux (CFX) is a research-driven crypto asset by Dr. Fan Long in 2018. It is designed to be a secure and scalable blockchain platform. Conflux aims to solve the scalability trilemma, which refers to the challenge of achieving decentralization, security, and scalability in blockchain networks. Conflux uses a unique consensus algorithm called Tree-Graph, which allows for high transaction throughput and low latency.

What Makes CFX Unique?

  1. Uses Tree-Graph consensus algorithm
  2. Strong research and academic background with its founders and team

What Affects the Price of CFX?

  1. Adoption and usage of the Conflux blockchain for various decentralized applications and services
  2. Market demand for DeFi and NFT projects built on the Conflux platform
  3. Overall market sentiment and trends

What Gives CFX Value?

  1. Scalable and high-performance blockchain platform with low transaction fees
  2. Innovative consensus algorithm and research-driven approach
  3. Partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions and enterprises

How Secure Is The CFX Network?

Conflux uses robust security measures, including the Tree-Graph consensus algorithm, and undergoes regular security audits to ensure the integrity and security of its network.


Why is it called Conflux (CFX)?
"Conflux" represents the convergence of ideas and technologies to create a scalable and secure blockchain platform that overcomes the scalability trilemma.

Is it worth investing in CFX?
As with any crypto, the value of CFX can be subject to market fluctuations and risks. Consider your investment goals and risk tolerance, and conduct thorough research before investing in CFX or any other assets.

How does Conflux differ from other blockchain platforms?
Conflux's unique consensus algorithm (Tree-Graph) and its focus on scalability while maintaining decentralization and security set it apart from other blockchain platforms. Its research-driven approach and solid academic background differentiate it in the blockchain space.

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