Dogecoin Price Today

09 Jun 2023 12:30:15
Rp 1,008
   0.01 %
09 Jun 2023 12:30:15
Rp 1,008
   5.87 %
09 Jun 2023 12:30:15
Rp 1,008
   7.25 %
09 Jun 2023 12:30:15
Rp 1,008
   3.19 %
09 Jun 2023 12:30:15
Rp 1,008
   12.15 %

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Market Statistic

24H Volume

Rp 3,25 T

Market Cap

Rp 140,91 T

Circulating Supply

139,69 B DOGE

Trading Activity

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About Dogecoin

Dogecoin was created in December 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. DOGE is open-source and was initially derived from Litecoin. While it started as a "meme coin", Dogecoin has since gained widespread attention and mainstream recognition, with notable figures such as Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg expressing support for the crypto asset.

What Makes DOGE Unique?

  1. You can tip creators using Dogecoin on Reddit and Twitter 
  2. Free Dogecoin is available on the Dogecoin faucet 
  3. Uses Scrypt algorithm, has an unlimited supply, and low price

What Affects the Price of DOGE?

  1. Number of companies accepting DOGE as payment
  2. Supply and demand

What Gives DOGE Value?

  1. Easy-to-use crypto asset
  2. Strong and active community
  3. Charity and the "good" case from Dogecoin
  4. TikTok Doge community
  5. A leading crypto asset for tipping on Reddit and Twitter (70,000+ sign-ups)

How Secure Is The DOGE Network?

Like Litecoin, Dogecoin is secured using proof-of-work (PoW) consensus via the Scrypt algorithm. Dogecoin operates on a one-minute block time.


What is Dogecoin used for?
You can use Dogecoin to buy things online, support creators, and raise money for charity. Some businesses even take it as payment. You can also trade DOGE on crypto exchanges.

What does DOGE mean?
Originally a meme featuring Shiba Inu, it became "Do Only Good Everyday" as Dogecoin did numerous charity projects through Dogecoin Foundation.

Dogecoin offered a new and cleaner image of a cryptocurrency among other shady crypto projects. From the start, it was the crypto asset of "generosity" due to several charitable initiatives that soon entered the Reddit space in 2014.

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