Free ASTRO Vouchers for HNST Club Members
Free ASTRO Vouchers for HNST Club Members

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Good news for those of you who want to shop monthly. By joining the HNST Club, you can get discount vouchers for ASTRO services.

How to Get Astro Vouchers?

  • To get an Astro Voucher you must join as a member of the HNST Club.
  • Open the NOBI application and click the HNST Club menu
  • Check your HNST Club level
  • Get a discount according to the terms and conditions
  • The voucher code is sent to the user’s email on the 1st of each month.

The Higher your HNST Club Level, The Bigger the Discount!

Increase your HNST Club level. The higher the level, the bigger the discount you get.

Honest BobHonest MasterHonest Hero
Astro New User
(Min. transactions Rp 100,000)
Rp 25,000Rp 50,000Rp 50,000
Astro Loyal User
(Min. transactions Rp 150,000)
Rp 15,000Rp 25,000Rp 25,000

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for a minimum transaction:
    • IDR 100,000 for new Astro users
    • IDR 150,000 for loyal Astro users
  • Each voucher is valid for 1x transaction/month/user
  • NOBI will send it to HNST Club members via email on the 1st of every month
  • Each voucher is valid until the 30th of each month
  • This voucher can be used for all Astro services through the application
  • NOBI or ASTRO has the right to change the Terms & Conditions of the voucher at any time without prior notification to the user.

How to Claim Astro Vouchers

  • Download the Astro application through the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the application, click on the ‘Services’ menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Shop for the products you want
  • Follow the purchase flow process from the Astro app
  • When you are about to pay, copy the voucher code at the bottom of the transaction process

Very interesting, right? Come on, take advantage of the HNST Club x Astro voucher and enjoy the discount!

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