NOBI and Function X Join Forces

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NOBI Joins Function X as its Latest Public Validator

NOBI is proud to be the latest company to join the Function X blockchain as an organizational public validator. Function X is a network of independent heterogeneous but also interoperable blockchains. Existing applications, websites, data, and services use the Function X network to truly decentralize.

The announcement came shortly after Function X onboarded organizations such as Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, Blockchain Collaborative Consortium, and European University Cyprus as three of the first public nodes from non-profit organizations.

Along with NOBI, these organizations will be tasked with participating in consensus by broadcasting votes and participating in governance by voting on proposals. The purpose of these validators is to help ensure that the Function X blockchain runs as efficiently as possible, while still remaining decentralized.

NOBI Joins The Function X Family

As a crypto management platform, NOBI brings a new level of expertise to Function X blockchain. According to NOBI CEO Lawrence Samantha, the partnership between the crypto management platform and Function X only makes sense.

NOBI is a big believer in the power of crypto, and Function X works to give people truly the best of decentralized finance. So Function X’s goal is one we support.

With the Function X network already providing powerful cross-chain features since its main net launch earlier this year, we know we couldn’t have picked a better partner.” – Lawrence Samantha, Founder and NOBI CEO

Function X Foundation President David Ben Kay also expressed his gratitude for having NOBI onboard. “Public validators lend a new level of transparency to the Function X blockchain,” Kay said. “They’re who we count on to point out flaws and help shape the direction Function X will go in. Given NOBI’s experience with cryptocurrency and decentralized finance in general in Indonesia, their participation will surely be valuable.”

About Function X Foundation

Function X Foundation is a nonprofit, independent organization that supports the growth of the Function X Ecosystem. It is a next-generation internet service framework, built entirely on and for the blockchain. The foundation manages the usage of the Ecosystem Genesis Fund, which aims to motivate, encourage and facilitate service providers to join and get rooted into the f(x) ecosystem. For more information about Function X, visit https://www.functionx.io.

About NOBI

NOBI is an all-in-one crypto app that provides various easy crypto investing through passive income from Algorithmic Trading, Crypto Lending, and Crypto Staking. An app designed for people that are into crypto but don’t have time for crypto. NOBI is revolutionizing crypto investing because we believe that by giving people better access to crypto investments, economic equality can increase.

How Safe is it?

PT. Enkripsi Teknologi Handal (NOBI) is a member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association and partners with global crypto companies such as BinanceAAVECompound Finance, and more, to ensure users can safely invest crypto and earn yield.

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If you have any suggestions, feedback, or comments about the app, reach us at roadmap.usenobi.com 

NOBI is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. Download now and create your free account in minutes!

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