Firo Price Today

10 Jun 2023 22:42:36
Rp 19,378
   15.23 %
10 Jun 2023 22:42:36
Rp 19,378
   23.97 %
10 Jun 2023 22:42:36
Rp 19,378
   21.54 %
10 Jun 2023 22:42:36
Rp 19,378
   28.97 %
10 Jun 2023 22:42:36
Rp 19,378
   6.01 %

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Market Statistic

24H Volume

Rp 17,59 B

Market Cap

Rp 240,85 B

Circulating Supply

12,46 M FIRO

Trading Activity

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Layer 1

About Firo

FIRO, formerly Zcoin, is a privacy-centric crypto founded by Poramin Insom and Reuben Yap in 2016.IRO aims to offer financial privacy and fungibility, ensuring that transactions cannot be traced or censored.

Why FIRO is Unique

Focusing on users' privacy by using Lelantus and Sigma privacy protocols

What Gives FIRO Value?

  1. Users' anonymity when transacting. 
  2. Users can burn and destroy coins to later exchange for coins that have no transaction history
  3. Many believe FIRO to be a very safe coin because it uses hybrid proof-of-work and LLMQ (Long Living Masternode Quorums)

What Affects the Price of FIRO?

  1. Supply and demand of FIRO
  2. Developers' ability to develop FIRO's privacy protocols

How Secure is The FIRO Network?

FIRO uses a PoW-Chainlock hybrid consensus model where a minimum number of members are formed by several hundred filtered masternodes (LLMQ). This model can reduce 51% of miners' attacks on the FIRO network. 


What does FIRO stand for? 
FIRO (pronounced "fee-roh") was formed as a composite of fire and money. Its community voted it as a rebranding process in October 2020.

What is Firo's mission? 
FIRO has dedicated itself to being a privacy-preserving crypto asset and has designed and built trustless privacy protocols such as Lelantus and Lelantus Spark that have inspired and shaped the designs of other privacy protocols (for example, Triptych, Seraphis, Lelantus-MW).

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