NOBI June 2021 Highlights

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Hi and a warm welcome to NOBI June 2021 Highlights! Where you can get the recap of all our highlighted activities throughout June. Halfway through the year, the market is still in a turbulent state. China’s banning any sort of crypto-mining operations in the country has become one of the main factors. But in contrast, El Salvador has recently made Bitcoin a legal tender in the country, becoming the first in the world to formally embrace Bitcoin.

In Indonesia, many crypto traders and investors still put a lot of faith in cryptocurrencies despite the market turbulence. Based on the data analysis we get from the NOBI app, new active users have grown to double in this past month. With the majority of users coming from Indonesia. So, in case you’re new and missed all the fun throughout the month, here are NOBI June 2021 Highlights:

1. 5000 HNST Pool Prize Giveaway!

Seeing the rapid growth of new users in the app, NOBI held a pool prize of 5000 HNST giveaway for a whole month in June! This is to encourage new users to download, sign up and activate user level 3 (KYC). And in return, they will get a share of the pool prize after the active period is over.

2. NOBI PayDay returns!

Our signature NOBI Pay Day offers an attractive 50% extra bonus from your USDT. Valid for all NOBI users, simply join any NOBI Savings USDT Market during the active period from 25th June-30th June 2021, and you will get an additional 50% bonus from your USDT!

3. Be our Top Community Member on Telegram!

We always love a good vibe in our community! Be part of our Top Community Member on Telegram and win 100 HNST/each for 3 community members. Active period ends 11 July 2021.

How you can participate:

  • Join our Telegram community. (For Indonesian community join here), (For Global community join here).
  • Be active in discussions with other community members
  • Frequently share your best comments
  • Actively interact with our posts

Happening in July: Join NOBI Staking This July For Half Price!

Here at NOBI, we always strive to make crypto investments accessible for everyone. Join our limited-time offer by joining NOBI Staking this July and instantly get 50% off for the minimum join! (valid only until 31st July 2021).

As the newest service available in the app that offers the easiest way to stake coins and earn rewards, our staking service has become an instant favorite among our users. Get unprecedented access from staking and join now starting as low as 3$!

That wraps up for this edition’s of our monthly Highlights. We’ll see you on the next one!

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